528 Hz On Air

I'm thrilled to have received two new compositions for my ensemble 528 Hz. Composer Cinzia Nistico wrote a piece called "Achter Mij" and composer Kieran Klaasen wrote "Forward". Together with Igor Iofe's "Healing" and Jelle Verstraten's "The Tragic... The Ecstatic... The Sublime?" these pieces will will be premiered by 528Hz on Sunday December 15th in Amsterdam.

528 Hz ensemble

Video portrait

The past few months I was followed by photographer Jan Wind, who made a huge amount of photographs and sound recordings at my concerts. With this material Jan made a video portrait for his website Kleurrijk Dordt. I am very pleased with the result: this portrait is a very intimate and personal view into my musical activities.


My summer tour in the USA and Canada ended at the Caramoor estate. As most theremin enthusiasts know Caramoor is the former house of theremin virtuosa Lucie Bigelow Rosen, who was responsible for the comissioning of Martinu's Fantasia and took her theremin on three European tours. I was so lucky to be invited and see the beautiful estate and most important Lucie's beautiful instrument!

Theremin Summer Academy 2013

This year, Thierry Frenkel's Theremin Summer Academy has two extra teachers: Wilco Botermans and yours truly. Carolina Eyck and Thierry Frenkel will provide their lessons (individual and ensemble) as usual. Apart from teaching individual lessons, I will give a workshop on Clara Rockmore. Thierry's website provides more information and a registration form if you're interested.

Rebirth of the Electrio

I'm very pleased to announce that after about eighty years, a real 'Electrio' will finally perform again. This ensemble exists of a space controlled theremin, a theremincello and a piano and can be compared to a classical piano trio.
The theremincello is a very rare instrument, that has been revived by Thierry Frenkel in a new form. The trio (Thorwald Jørgensen - theremin, Marieke van der Heyden - theremincello and Thijn Vermeulen - piano) will perform at the 2013 edition of the Cellofestival Dordrecht (NL).

Clara Rockmore Electrio